Deck Tiles Turn Your Backyard Into Your Own Oasis

If you’re thinking about remodeling your back patio, consider Ipe deck tiles. This DIY project is quick and easy and will help you enjoy your deck for years to come.

When I say easy, I mean easy.  It’s literally a snap to do. No extra tools required just the deck tiles and connectors.  Before you begin remodeling your deck, be sure to sweep away any debris or dirt.  Then install each tile in the pattern of your choosing. The tile corner should be lying on top of the connector before you snap it in. Work from the inside to the outside of your deck, connecting and snapping the deck tiles with the connectors.  You can even lay your tiles out in a variety of patterns to add a unique design to your deck.

It’s that simple.


Ipe deck tiles are the best possible option when choosing deck tiles. Ipe wood is one of the strongest and most sturdy products on the market. If you thought installing your Ipe tiles was easy, keeping the color is even easier. Simply apply one coat of Ipe Oil at least once a year and you will be left with a beautiful deck. To learn more about this product check out

Happy Decking!