How Durable is Ipe Wood, Really?

When you’re buying a new car, do you look for quantity or quality? Do you want a reliable car that will last longer than 100,000 miles or are you interested in the newest, hottest model? I’m willing to bet that you want both. Instead of having to settle for one or the other, why not choose something that looks great, but is still the most sustainable product money can buy? uses truly sustainable Ipe wood products. We guarantee our Ipe product will last you longer than 75 years of wear and tear. Just look at the Walt Disney Boardwalk resort, for example. After 17 years of being visited by thousands of people every day and getting hit with the ferocious Florida climate, this massive Ipe boardwalk is still able to hold its structural integrity.

Lasting longer than 75 years isn’t easy. Water and other liquids are considered krypnonite to most wood, but not Ipe. The dense wood has such tight grain that water is not able to seep into any cracks, which enables it to last much longer than your average wood. No wonder New York City has used Ipe on over 12 miles of their coastal walkways.

One tip to help your Ipe stay even stronger:

  • Remember to not skimp on fasteners as weak fasteners may corrode, which can weaken the wood around it.

Not only does Ipe hold its structures for years, it is also the safest for the environment. This monster of a tree can reach heights up to 200 ft. and can be found in abundance in the Amazon region of Brazil. By only logging a couple trees per acre, we are able to minimize our carbon footprint and ensure a regeneration of the forest. We also don’t add any harmful chemicals to our Ipe, making it safe to use virtually anywhere.

Ipe decking is a safe, environmental friendly, sustainable product. It’s no wonder that so many people trust Ipe with their decking and outdoor projects. Get your free Ipe decking quote directly from the mill. Contact today. Happy Decking!

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