Turn the Light Back on in Your Life

dsc_3024highpoint-newsletterCROPThe neighborhood party is just beginning, but night is slowly approaching. You’ve lit the candles and tiki torches, yet still can’t see your neighbor sitting five feet away from you. If only there was a better way to see and enjoy your deck at night.

LED lights help illuminate any deck, adding warmth to each backyard setting.  Energy saving LED lighting helps you and your guests celebrate into the night without having to worry about your energy bill. Most LED lighting are all-weather compatible so you can keep using your deck even in harsh climates. Lighting is also a care free maintenance because you won’t have to worry about the batteries since they are energy saving. You can also choose to light up your stairs and railings, creating a safer deck for you and your family.  You can put the lighting practically anywhere. Get creative and have some fun with it.  It’s your deck anyway.

For more information about our lighting options, check out www.ipedepot.com. Happy Decking!

Rainscreen: The Superhero of Siding


Ipe rainscreen siding is an excellent addition to any home. It does keep away mold and mildew that could wreak havoc on your home while creating a healthier environment, both inside and outside the building. By separating the home from the siding, it allows moisture to escape through the space in the wall cavity. The siding sits on furring strips or battens that help create an air space. Mesh based products are stapled to sheathing to create the vent space. The end product will allow the drainage planes to vent to the outside, locking out any moisture or any other foreign objects.rainscreen2

Some advantages of using Ipe rainscreen siding are:

  • Lowers energy costs
  • Reduces indoor air pollution
  • Adds natural beauty to any home
  • Keeps insects from crawling into your home
  • Reduces mold and mildew on your home


Moisture will have a hard time causing problems thanks to Ipe wood, especially since it is an extremely dense hardwood. This adds even more protection to your home against the cunning mold and mildew duo.

For more information on Ipe rainscreen siding check out www.ipedepot.com for a free quote. Happy Siding!