Turn an Ugly Deckling Into a Silver Fox

Haven’t you heard? The new and tan look is out and weathered and gray are in. And we’re not talking about the fashion world. This summer, weathered looking decks have emerged as the latest and greatest trend. Don’t worry if you just bought a brand new deck, we can help you take it from looking sleek and refined in no time at all.

Weathered decks are like the silver foxes of the decking community. They look good styled next to any new or old home. You can dress them up with any deck furniture and you’re ready for cocktail hour.

Turning an ugly deckling into a silver fox.

Giving your deck a full makeover isn’t as hard as you think.


All you need are a couple of beauty products, stain or sealers to be exact, and time. There are many products on the market that help with aiding a weathered deck.

-Clear Water Repellant

  • This product doesn’t add any color to your existing deck and grain patterns can be seen through the finish. The sealer’s lack of UV protection helps the UV radiation fade your wood, giving you a nice, natural gray look. Clear water repellants can last from 6 months to 2 years, depending on surface texture and exposure to the sun.

-Bleaching or Weathered Stain Oils

  • Using bleaching or weathered stained oil helps keep your deck protected longer than clear water repellant. Weathered stained oils are basically clear water repellant finisher with some gray pigments. This type of stain only lasts 2-3 years so be sure to continue applying clear water repellant over the bleaching oil for longer effect.

-Solid Colored Stains

  • Solid colored stains use an opaque finish. You’re not able to see the wood grain or natural color but surface texture is still intact. We advise re-staining your deck every 2-3 years after using this opaque finish.

-Semi-transparent Penetrating Stains

  • We recommend oil based semi-transparent penetrating stains because they filter into the wood surface deeper than most wood-based products. Peeling or blistering is less likely to happen with this stain because of it’s non-film forming. Decks with this type of stain gradually wear off and last up to 5 years.

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Turn the Light Back on in Your Life

dsc_3024highpoint-newsletterCROPThe neighborhood party is just beginning, but night is slowly approaching. You’ve lit the candles and tiki torches, yet still can’t see your neighbor sitting five feet away from you. If only there was a better way to see and enjoy your deck at night.

LED lights help illuminate any deck, adding warmth to each backyard setting.  Energy saving LED lighting helps you and your guests celebrate into the night without having to worry about your energy bill. Most LED lighting are all-weather compatible so you can keep using your deck even in harsh climates. Lighting is also a care free maintenance because you won’t have to worry about the batteries since they are energy saving. You can also choose to light up your stairs and railings, creating a safer deck for you and your family.  You can put the lighting practically anywhere. Get creative and have some fun with it.  It’s your deck anyway.

For more information about our lighting options, check out www.ipedepot.com. Happy Decking!

Ipe Can Withstand Even the Coolest of Climates

As winter is dying down, flowers and newborn animals are beginning to repopulate the earth and that can only mean one thing…spring time!  Time to get your cobwebbed tools out of your garage and start making your yard look beautiful again, and that includes your deck.  If you have a composite deck, chances are there was some damage because of water getting into cracks, mold and mildew growing, etc.  Which means you’re going to have to get it fixed.  However if you built your deck with a strong and dense decking hardwood, like Ipe, rest assured it would still be in pristine condition.

Ipe is known for being an extremely dense hardwood.  That is what makes it great in wet and cold climates.  Because of its density, moisture is not able to create problems that softer deck materials are known for. Therefore Ipe is able to stay in its original form longer and less likely to become damaged.

Ipe decks can be found in some of the coldest cities in North America stretching from the Green Bay boardwalk in Wisconsin to the Toronto Wave decks in Ontario and the Ocean Beach boardwalk in Connecticut.  These three cities chose Ipe decking because they knew Ipe could stand against their bitter winters and monstrous foot traffic.  In the early 2000’s, the Ocean Beach Park residents realized their beloved boardwalk was slowly deteriorating.

Home to dozens of cafes, shops and a even carousel, they knew they needed a strong decking material to host tourists and residents alike.  They wanted a decking material that could withstand harsh climate conditions and resistance to water. They went with Ipe because of its proven 75+ year lifespan, natural decay resistance, and the fact it needs little to no maintenance.  Almost 10 years later, their half mile long boardwalk is still up and running with no complaints of splinters.

Here are some tips to help your Ipe deck make it through a harsh winter:

  • DO NOT SALT YOUR DECK. I REPEAT DO NOT SALT YOUR DECK!  Putting salt on your deck is a nice idea but salt dries your deck which can make it crack.  When boards are cracked moisture can get into the boards where they will later freeze and cause even more damage to your boards.
  • An Ipe stain helps keep your boards from aging.
  • Be sure to brush off any debris or dirt before winter hits because you don’t want it to become trapped in between your decks gaps causing mold or mildew.

To learn more about Ipe and to get a free Ipe quote check out IpeDepot.com.