Ipe Withstands the Cold in Martha’s Vineyard

People ask us all the time if Ipe, being a tropical hardwood, is suitable for northern climates.  Our answer?  A resounding YES!

Edgartown Lighthouse Boardwalk in Martha's Vineyard

One of the concerns is how the wood will stand up to snow and the brutal cycle of freezing and thawing that can decimate concrete.  This was definitely a consideration when the boardwalk leading to the Edgartown Lighthouse in Martha’s Vineyard was constructed.  With temperatures reaching as low as 25degF during the winter, and an average snowfall of 40 inches per year, the weather is certainly unkind to building materials.  Fortunately, Ipe is naturally water-resistant, meaning excessive moisture won’t get inside, freeze, and create cracks in the surface.  As long as you install it properly, the natural expansion and contraction that occurs between extreme temperatures won’t cause any damage to the wood.

So, if you have a project in an area beset by harsh winters or extreme temperature contrasts, Ipe is a solid choice.  Learn more about Ipe at IpeDepot.com.

Ipe Decking Used in American Landmarks

Why should you choose Ipe Decking for you project?  Consider this: historic landmarks and commercial hubs all across America have settled on Ipe to meet their needs. Take the Brooklyn Bridge walkway, for example.  Literally millions of people walk or bike across that path; just imagine how disastrous a breaking board could be in that situation!  Needless to say, if it’s good enough for the Brooklyn Bridge, it’s good enough for you.

So why did the builders of such famous attractions as the Atlantic City Boardwalk and the Edgartown Lighthouse in Martha’s Vineyard decide to go with Ipe?  Over the next few blog posts, we’ll take a look at some of Ipe’s unique features and discover how it has contributed to the legacy of these famous locations.

From its unparalleled durability in even the harshest environments to its beauty under pressure, Ipe is a reliable winner, perfect for both high-stress commercial applications and quieter suburban homes.  Contact us to get a free price quote today!