What Kind of Roof Can You Add Over Your Deck?

“We’ve had so much damage done to our roof because of a storm. Our old roof was blown clear off our deck and we’ve been thinking that a change in roofing materials needs to happen. Do you have any suggestions for roofing materials?”

Before we go into options, it’s important to note that your local city or town probably has rules regarding home additions. Please consult with your local building department before buying a single board.

There are many different options when choosing your deck’s roof. Some options include:

Flat Roof

  • The Flat roof route is the most affordable of these three decking roof options. Many of our customers choose this option for their deck roof because you can connect it to an existing roof from your home. Built from tar and gravel based material, this type of deck sits horizontal and keeps water from leaking through the wood. The one negative about flat roofs is that they may pose a threat for leakage during heavy rains or heavy snow fall.

Green Roof

  • A green roof is the most unique option for a decking roof. You can find many green roofs in cities like Boston, New York City, and San Francisco. A green roof is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a living habitat filled with vegetation and flora. There’s no real maintenance as it survives off sunlight and rainwater. However, they are a bit more complex than your average deck roof. If you are interested, you should hire someone to help you who has experience.

Gable Roof

  • The gable roof is the most common approach, using a triangular shaped design.  The triangle design allows water to flow evenly off the edge. Some gable roofs include a gutter system to help with heavy downpours. These designs are the most popular because they blend in with the homes existing roof.

While it’s not necessary for an Ipe deck owner to have a roof to any part of their deck, many people do add some sort of roof structure for various reasons. When you consider how great Ipe is around marine areas since it’s super dense and allows little to no moisture to seep into it, adding a roof to your deck would be an advantage to your home and your outdoor like. I don’t know about you, but I like sitting outside when it’s raining and listening to the sound of the rain without getting wet. It’s very soothing.

For more information about our Ipe decking, check out www.ipedepot.comHappy Decking and Roofing!

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