Is 1×6 +Plus® Ipe Decking Really That Strong?

We all know Ipe 5/4×6 deck boards are strong and reliable.  We know you can build one of the strongest decks, porches, swing sets, or even park benches with this material. But, have you ever wondered if you could use a thinner piece of wood to build the exact same thing?  You’re probably saying to yourself “A thinner piece of wood? That can’t possibly stand up to the thick indestructible  Ipe 5/4×6 board!”  Oh, but my friends, it can!

1×6 +Plus® is custom milled to produce stronger, more affordable decks.  Because it’s milled with 2 extra millimeters (approx. 7/8″ thick), cupping, warping and twisting are less likely to happen.  1×6+Plus® Ipe can hold up to anything a 5/4×6 Ipe board can because it is made with the strongest building material on the market, Ipe decking.

Contractors actually prefer 1×6 +Plus®, not only because it’s as stable as 5/4×6 but because it’s cheaper.  For example, a 5/4×6 Ipe on our site costs you $4.39 while an 1×6+ Ipe costs you only $3.98.  Now $0.41 might not sound like that much but when you think about how much you’re buying it adds up to a 10-15% savings when compared to 5/4×6.  This decking material is great for DIYers on a fixed budget.

We supply Ipe and Cumaru in 1×6+Plus® so call or click to get a free quote from us today:

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