Why Ipe'?

One of the strongest woods in the world

Environmentally friendly

Low maintenance

Up to a Class A fire rating for flame spread

Termite, Mold & Fungi resistant

No knots

High scratch & slip resistance

Can outlast composite material

Twice as strong as Oak

Time proven on many commercial projects

Better than teak

Great for docks, gazebos, benches, & tables

Worldwide shipping is available

Large selection of stock sizes

Up to 20 feet long

Up to 6x6 timbers

We custom mill to your dimensions

Comparably priced with composite decking choices

Available with hidden fastening system

wallaba shingles warnings

Wallaba wood is a popular choice for roofing shingles due to its natural resistance to decay and insect damage. Wallaba shingles are sustainably harvested in Guyana where the wood is native. Wallaba shingles are typically cut into a rectangular shape with a tapered thickness, and are installed in overlapping rows to create a waterproof and durable roof. The reddish-brown color of Wallaba shingles can also add a unique and attractive aesthetic to a building's exterior. However, it's worth noting that the reddish-brown color will mature to a beautiful greyish-brown color over time.

Wallaba shingles are known for their durability and resistance to decay and insect damage. The natural oils and resins present in Wallaba wood help to protect it from decay and rot, making it a popular choice for roofing in tropical climates where moisture and humidity can be a problem for other types of roofing materials. Wallaba shingles can also resist insect damage, including termite and borer attacks, which can be a common problem for other types of wooden roofing materials. With proper maintenance and care, Wallaba shingles can last for many years, with some installations lasting for up to 50 years or more.

Not All Wallaba Shingles Are Alike

Be Extremely cautious of cheap wallaba shingles! There are some important factors to consider regarding the grade of shingles which can cause your roof to leak within months or even a few years after installation. Sandura® Wallaba Shingles represent only Premium-Grade Wallaba Shingles.

Wood is a natural product which has inherent defects in the tree. After the tree is cut, the log is converted to shingles. During the conversion process from logs to shingles there are many defects within the log which can become part of the finished product. Many architects, contractors, installers and home owners may not be familiar with such defects which can compromise the integrity of the roof.

Sandura® Wallaba Shingles vs. Western Red Cedar Shingles

Category Wallaba Cedar
Hardness 2,050 lb 350 lb
Crushing Strength 11,210 lb/in 4,700 lb/in
Maintenance No oiling required Oil every 5 years
Wind Resistance High Low
Hail Resistance High Low
Rot Resistance High Low
Cup Resistance High (due to quartersawn grain) Low (due to plainsawn grain)
Flame Spread Class A Class B
wallaba shingles color shift

Sandura® Wallaba Shingles

wallaba shingles
Sandura® Wallaba Shingles

Sandura® Wallaba Shingles are sold by the bundle.

1 Bundle:
Roofing Coverage based on 5.5" Exposure is 12.5 square feet or .125 roofing square
Wall Coverage based on 6" Exposure is 13.56 square feet

1 Roofing Square = 8 Bundles
Roofing Coverage based on 5.5" Exposure is 100 square feet or 1 roofing square
Wall Coverage based on 6" Exposure is 108.5 square feet

1 Pallet = 35 Bundles
Roofing Coverage based on 5.5" Exposure is 437.50 square feet or 4.375 roofing squares
Wall Coverage based on 6" Exposure is 474.68 square feet
RFSQ stands for Roofing Square which is equal to 100 square feet.

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wallaba ridge cap
Sandura® Wallaba Ridge Cap
Sandura® Wallaba Ridge Cap - Clear, Heartwood, Quartersawn 12mm thick, 18" length, 5" width (1 Pcs)
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Wallaba Shingles Installation

wallaba shingles installation
Wallaba Installation Instructions (PDF)

Wallaba Shingles Pictures

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Wallaba Sustainability

The Guyana Forestry Commission (GFC) regulates harvesting of Wallaba to ensure sustainability.